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What is emotional appeal? Roy Garn, in his mega-mesmerizing book ‘The Magic Power of Emotional Appeal’, describes it this way:

‘Emotional Appeal is your ability to motivate and make others want to listen.’

We could paraphrase Roy Garn’s words by saying…

Magic words and phrases motivate people to notice, read/watch/listen and take action.

Q: Who uses magic words and phrases in marketing?

A: Smart business owners…

Yes – successful, positive, prosperous entrepreneurs who know what they need and why they need it.

Firstly, these are people who market and sell ideas, products or services to a targeted audience.

Secondly, they know their target market audience better than they know the back of their own hand.

Which means – they already know what message needs to be communicated and when.

The one thing they do not always know is how to best communicate their message…

… to communicate it in a certain way that guarantees it will be seen, opened, read and acted upon by a predictable percentage of the overall audience.

Effective copywriting isn’t about writing certain things — it’s about writing THINGS in a certain way.

That’s the secret. That’s the magic!

So even if the smart entrepreneur has time to write their own marketing messages – they don’t – because they understand the positive cost/benefit ratio in hiring a writer capable of organizing magic words and phrases that make a big difference to the bottom-line.

It’s NOT about ‘what’ specifically…

It’s about HOW the messages are worded, presented and delivered.

That’s where the ‘gold’ is buried.

Remember: Magic words and phrases trigger EMOTIONAL APPEAL.

That is THE  little-understood key to good copywriting. It is the pearl in the oyster.

And that’s where I come in…

I’m one who is trained, skilled and experienced at writing magic words and phrases around emotional appeal to make a difference in people’s lives.

Spill the beans! – What difference will I see?

  1. Better response
  2. Better results
  3. Better recurring profits

Sold! – I want you to write for ME – can you?

I thought you’d never ask!

Contact me using any of the action links on this site. We can talk.

I should say up front that I work with people who have a proven vision for results.

If ‘price’ is top-of-mind for somebody shopping for a writer – they will save time by visiting one of the ‘freelancer’ sites – where people, willing to write for peanuts, can be found.

As one of my senior writing teachers, Dan Kennedy, would often remind me…

“Never complain when surrounded by monkeys – if all you hold out is peanuts.”

On the other hand – if you are a successful business owner or entrepreneur who understands the meaning of a value proposition – and how ‘direct-response marketing’ works – then tap those fingers onto that keyboard in front of you and send me your message.

I’ll personally get back to you – normally within 24 hours.

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