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What’s It Mean?

Dan Kennedy's Writing for Info-Marketers study modules 1-2-3-4

Dan Kennedy Writing for Info-Marketers study modules 1-2 & 3-4

Dan KennedyWho’s Dan Kennedy Anyhow?

His name is influential and his leadership respected.

Dan Kennedy is one of those marketing ‘gurus’. Not a pretend one. A real one. Just Google his name… Widely regarded in the world of direct marketing and copywriting as the ‘The Millionaire Maker’ – maker of more info-marketing millionaires than any other dozen people combined.

Which is why studying and being personally assessed and certified by Dan Kennedy for his ‘Dan Kennedy Info-Marketing Copywriter Certification’ positions me to uniquely HELP YOU. Why? Because of seven important reasons…

The SEVEN Reasons

  • Better understanding of how your INFO-MARKETING industry works
  • Better understanding of the business types and categories in your INFO-MARKETING industry
  • Better understanding of the COPY and CONTENT needs of your categories and business types
  • Better understanding of YOU, the INFO-MARKETER, who is at the helm of your businesses
  • Better understanding of your BUYERS, CUSTOMERS, PATIENTS and PATRONS and WHAT THEY RESPOND TO
  • Better understanding of your core writing projects via assignment or creation
  • Better understanding of the COPY ELEMENTS that MUST BE PRESENT for each of your different projects
  • and MORE …

Invest your advertising, marketing and copywriting dollars wisely. Hire with confidence. Hire Mike Searles

The Dan Kennedy Copywriter for Info-Marketers Certification is awarded to professional copywriters who have successfully completed a course of study of preparation for such copywriting.

Mike Searles is a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers (testimonial as published on the AWAI (American Writer’s & Artists Inc. website…)

AWAI published testimonial from mike searles

Hire Mike Searles with confidence.

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Magic Words & Phrases
They sell like MAGIC!


Mike Searles writes magic words and phrases

FACT: Shocking — but true!

THEY make more money . . .

… Who are t-h-e-y?

Entrepreneurs who market and sell their knowledge.

People who turn know-how into information products and services …

… and then market and sell them to a targeted audience.

And they make a VERY nice dollar doing it.

What kind of people are these entrepreneurs (Information-Marketers)?

… You could be a writer, author, expert, speaker, trainer, Pastor, coach, consultant, CEO or simply any person who loves sharing what you know.

… Are you an entrepreneur, book publisher, media company, membership organization, membership site operator, newsletter publisher, email marketer, online publisher, seminar and conference promoter?

… If you’re someone who presents information (online or offline) to a targeted audience for a fee

… your business is Info-Marketing.

This is a good time to ask what the ‘Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers‘ claim is all about — one easy CLICK HERE will give you the answer.

Are You An Established Info-Marketer?

If you already market and sell information then you will know:

Magic words and phrases (copywriting) are needed for —

  • FRONT-end lead-generation (new customers coming to ‘your door’)
  • BACK-end ascension marketing (the secret to building a profitable info-business)
  • DELIVERABLES (all the different online and offline products and services you sell)

Content is also needed for your deliverables – what you sell (here are samples) —

  • special reports
  • books
  • video
  • mp3’s
  • CD’s, DVD’s
  • articles
  • blog posts
  • social media
  • Newsletters
  • product-related deliverables
  • coaching deliverables
  • seminar and Boot Camp presentations
  • seminar and Boot Camp handouts and manuals
  • Membership site resources
  • and so many more …

… You already know you’re too busy to be writing your own copy and content. Right?

What this means to YOU … 

… Whether you are a seasoned Information Marketing pro — or just getting started —

… YOU can hire me to customize YOUR magic words and phrases that sell like MAGIC!

Which, in the end, means MORE business growth coming your way!

Are you in on it? Let’s talk…

Because… I’m ready, able and willing to write for response — to get YOU more results.

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Magic Words & Phrases
That sell like MAGIC!

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