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Mike Searles’ Email Stats: Jan – Dec 2015

Unique Opens: 520,000+ opens on emails written by me and sent to lists in 2015.

Click-to-Open Rate: As high as 29% with a 10% average clicks (response/engagement). This is THE measure of whether email content containing a specific CTA (call-to-action) is effective or not. Click-to-Open Rate (CtOR) must be measured when tracking reader response to email content.

What Does It All Mean?

Example of CtOR: If 100,000 email addresses receive one email and 15,000 individuals opened that email – we measure those 15,000 as a 15% Unique Open Rate.

If 1,500 of those 15,000 individuals read the email content and respond to the CTA within the content (eg. click a link) then we have the following stats.

15,000 opens producing 1,500 clicks — which means 10% of email readers responded to the CTA. This figure gives us the CtOR of 10% for this example.

An important point to be aware of is this: the 1,500 responsive readers arrive at the destination of the link (eg. website, sales page)? What happens next is almost entirely dependent on the quality of what’s on that page. Be it the sales page copy, design, images, presentation, the product/service on offer etc etc and a host of other variables outside of the scope of measuring the effectiveness of the email copy alone.

That’s why email copywriters bring the relevant metrics to the attention of clients. For correct segmentation of input and the results generated.

Examples of Emails that Generated High CtOR

(Note: links in copy below are not active)

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writer’s niche

How to write ideas into cash…

Dear Jack,

If ever there was a tipping-point in time…

To write your ideas into bundles of cash…

That time is with us right now.

Hence the subject line to this email…

“How to Write Ideas Into Cash…”

Let me explain…

You’re a writer.

You have ideas – fiction, non-fiction or both.

You think – you write and then… and then…?

Then what?

If you write only for the sheer love of it and make zero money from your writing – then that’s okay. Live and let live I say.

But if you’re in the majority of writers who read this Newsletter then your writing is more than a pastime – it’s business!

Part-time, full-time or some-time… it’s business.

Your writing is a business.

And if your business isn’t making you money – well, you go out of business.

So, here’s where the most successful writers are turning their ideas into cash right now – this year (2015) – this very month!

They’re tapping into the Amazon Kindle publishing platform.

And you MUST give this high paying publishing tool your serious respect – if you want to see your writing turn into bundles of cash.

  • What’s Kindle publishing about?
  • How do writers make so much money using it?
  • Where can you find a tested How-to guide?

Where do you begin?

Kindle <– it’s all laid out for you here. Get started today.

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writer’s niche

Yes …

Dear Jill,

How many times have you asked somebody a question in relation to taking a course of action…

Example: “Will you be there tomorrow night?”

Only to hear any one of the following…




“Not sure…”

“I’ll think about it…”

“[sound of crickets in the night…]”

Or other enunciations of indecision.

Some of the most effective authors I’ve been able to work with are those who can make a decision quickly and change it slowly – if and when at all.

In the Book of Life we read, ‘let your yes be yes and your no be no.’

My understanding of it? Make a decision and let it be known with a firm ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – and nothing else.

Why am I touching on this subject today and why to you as a writer?

Are you making the progress you want to make and are capable of making?

Are you reaching your goals, dreams and desires as a writer?

If ‘yes’ – terrific. Write me sometime and share how you made it all work out for you. I love good news stories!

If ‘no’ – then… let’s do something about it.

Will you let me help?

Write to me and tell me what’s been holding you back. Where is the blockage? Maybe I can help?

Meanwhile – here is a terrific tool for helping all writers…

[product name]  <== click here

If you are not making the progress you want to make as a writer – and are capable of making – is it due to writer’s block?

[product name]  <== this tool has saved me from many ‘white screen’ days… and helped increase my earnings too!

Say YES to this tool!

[product name]  <== click here now

’til next time,

[senders name, title and company]

P.S. Yes! [product name] — CD delivered FREE and straight to your door! Check it out now.

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self-growth niche

“Stuck in a rut rescue mission…”

Dear Mary,

If you feel stuck in a rut right now –

… this short email could be the most important message you read all day. Because…

I can rescue you from the rut.

You see – I used to be stuck too – and felt my life was going no where.

Hey, did I just say ‘FELT’ my life was going no where’?

Who am I kidding? – my life WAS going no where.

But thankfully that’s a long time ago. Things are much different now.

That’s why I’m qualified to give you good news…

If your plans, goals and desires have come to a screeching halt…

And YOU feel life is not going where you want it to go…

I have the rescue.

Let me firstly lay down one FACT to prepare you for the turf you’re about to walk across…

Just three words:

THOUGHTS ARE THINGS (the latest in neuroscience research proves it.)

Now – let’s leave those three words with you for a moment…

As the forerunner to leading you to the best resource I know for helping you get unstuck.

[product name and link<– (that’s it)

Thoughts are things – and I will bet my big left toe that you’re not anywhere near as stuck as you might THINK you are…

Because thoughts are things.

Unwanted thoughts create unwanted things.

Maybe you are creating your own stuckness? Have I said too much?

Look – if I could take you by the shoulders I would steer you over to the solution:

[product name and link] <– (the solution is right here)

That’s my ‘rescue.’

Come with me – c’mon, let’s go. Let me lead the way…

[product name and link] <– (here is where we are going)

Rescue team is ready. Stop unwanted thoughts and get unstuck.

’til next time,

[sender’s name, title and company details]

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finance niche

“Don’t dawdle on this news…”

Hi – it’s Amber. Hope you’re well. Listen…

Been hearing about those underground ‘secrets’ with promises of high earnings without needing to lift a finger?

Yeah, me too! Annoying — right?

Thank goodness you and I operate in the real world.

So when I tell you there’s a new way to financial prosperity that lives up to all its promises…

You can finally breathe a sigh of relief and say under your breath, ‘at last!’

Because you’re my subscriber you have made it to the ‘early bird’ list of people who will see this first.

It’s still some what under wraps in the ‘money’ community – so keep it quiet for now please.

Anyhow – we got a nice young guy to cover the ‘what, why and how’ on video.

But don’t dawdle – do it now – view the video before the ‘general public’ are let in on it too.

Besides – this pre-public video will not stay up for too long.

The link is below – one click will get you there.

[link is inserted here]


P.S. please don’t share this link, okay

Sent from my iPad

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writer’s niche

“You’re my kind of writer…”

When you write each day…

When you publish each day…

When you BLOG each day…

You’re my kind of writer!

Because blogging for writers is about engagement with your readers.

“But what’s in that for me?” you might ask.

Plenty — but with a caveat.

I’d need to ask you first…

What do you expect from blogging?

Is it publicity and recognition?

Is it more clients?

Is it money?

Is it all the above and more…?

Let’s get to the core of it then.

If you are a new writer just starting out then blogging is the perfect medium for getting your work ‘out there’ and into the public view.

Getting recognized by a potential worldwide audience hungry for fresh new content in your chosen niche or topic of interest.

Attracting more clients who know you, like you and trust you because they are more engaged WITH YOU and your persona.

And as a result — you’re earning more income.

If blogging is not yet your source of an extra income — then I’ve got to ask ‘why not?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to be impolite. Maybe you have a very good reason for being a writer without a blog.

But for the life of me I cannot imagine what that good reason could be — not in this day and age of ease and simplicity for blogging.

Unless it’s — oh, no!

Please don’t tell me you’re AFRAID of the technology.

No. No, don’t be. Children as young as six blog! (Google it)

So it’s time to make a firm suggestion.

Now please take me seriously.

If you are a writer — and you don’t blog…

Then visit this web page and scan the information about the many benefits of blogging for writers.

And if you already own a blog but find you’re at a stand-still for seeing it rise to the next level of success — then you too should follow this link.

Because blogging for recognition, clients and money just makes sense.

Visit more about blogging for writers by clicking here.

And begin claiming the benefits of blogging today!

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self-development niche

Good news for self-improvement

It’s the good news story about self-improvement.

If it was a featured news story the headline would surely read…

Effort No Longer Needed For Results

I’m talking about success, achievement and manifesting at unthinkable levels.

* What success?

* What achievement?

* What manifesting?

ALL summed up in only THREE words…

Fountain of Youth

In simple English…

“Look and feel younger – quickly.”

Ten minutes a day… (that’s all)

Look 10, 20 or 30 years younger.

There’s a secret that few (VERY few) people around the globe know about.

The secret that’s almost too good to be true.

Except it’s not being kept a secret from you…

And it is 100% real and TRUE.

It’s been a safely guarded set of rituals originating deep inside the Himalayas.

Five rituals practiced for only 10 minutes a day for only 10 weeks.

And here’s what you can expect…

  • wrinkles removed
  • hair color restored
  • memory improved
  • eyesight corrected
  • energy-levels boosted
  • virility super-charged
  • and much, much more…

Discover (product name) for looking up to 30 years younger — in just 10 minutes a day.

“Rituals? Sound like hard work.”

Don’t let that word ‘rituals’ confuse you.

I promise — when you discover (product name) — you will see the secret of the fountain of youth revealed.

And you will understand why the headline could read…

Effort No Longer Needed For Results

Come over and SEE this.

If you want to hear results that others talk about.

The (product name) – click on it to see for yourself.

’til next time,

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self-development niche

“I know. I know. But you will…”

There’s a winner I want you to meet.

His name is Jerry Weintraub. American from Brooklyn, New York.

A master ‘salesman’ and the guy you want on your side of any negotiation table.

He promoted concerts for Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, John Denver, Neil Diamond, Moody Blues and others.

He also produced Hollywood films including The Karate Kid, Ocean’s 11, 12 and 13.

I recommend you watch a film titled ‘His Way’ — the 2011 TV documentary on the life of Jerry Weintraub — because you will experience a most instructive and inspirational story about this self-made multi-millionaire.

And his personal rule for success? It’s this…

“I never hear the word ‘no’. I just don’t hear it. When somebody tells me ‘no’ I just say, ‘I know, I know. But you will!’”

You might say, “but I’m not a salesperson, booking-agent or movie producer.”

But you ARE somebody with ideas, goals and plans for your future.

And you DO hear the word ‘no’ more than you’d like… am I right?

There’s a vital message here.

The first and worst ‘no’ you hear comes from your own inner voice.

It’s your self-talk. The first enemy of your success.

Fear shouts ‘NO!’ Doubt shouts ‘NO!’ Negativity shouts ‘NO!’

Well, let me be the one to tell you…

It’s time to put an end to your inner ‘no’ — forever!

The Ultimate Self-Talk program will help you do it.

Eight powerful programs recorded on two separate CD’s that promise to change your inner-talk…


You’ll no longer be stopped by fear, doubt and negativity.

Imagine it — you can change your life from the inside out — with our Ultimate Self-Talk CD’s.

We’ll rush them too you and even pay for the shipping costs. Yes, shipped FREE to your door!

Do it for yourself. Go now and learn more about the Ultimate Self-Talk CD’s.

Simply click here — and let’s end your inner ‘no’ forever.

“I know. I know. But you will…”

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self-development niche

Especially for achievers in self-development …

Self-developers seek personal change and improvement.

Application is what makes it happen.

No application – no change – no results.

Application is NOT just accumulating knowledge and understanding.

Getting knowledge helps us discover and understand things.

Ideas, facts and concepts.

But don’t stop there.

Follow the lead of self-development achievers.

They do it right.

They BEGIN with the ideas and concepts…

… and then take the all important NEXT step.


A good self-development product shows you WHAT TO DO NEXT


Summary: Yes. A good self-development product should give you knowledge and understanding.

And it must go further into the HOW-TO’s — the application.

Seek to know, understand and BE SHOWN what to do next.

Because the achievers ACHIEVE BY APPLICATION.

Here’s an excellent self-development product for doing just that…

[Product name]

It is complete. Will lead you to knowledge and understanding. And guide you to application.

I believe it is the PERFECT self-development course for manifesting personal change and results YOU CAN SEE and FEEL.

Pre-study [Product name] via this information page

Order only if you INTENSELY desire self-development for change and improvement.

’til next time,

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self-development niche

 [STOP] Listen for a moment…

Can you stop it?

If you really had to…

Can you stop all the head-noise?

Could you sit still for 10, 20 or 30 minutes?

Long enough to JUST LISTEN?

Because that’s the secret to peace that comes from meditation.

“I’ve tried meditation. It doesn’t work for me.”

Maybe you’ve tried the other methods of meditation…

Have you tried OUR way?

Our breakthrough shortcut to all the meditation benefits…

Revealed in the Meditation Program.

The world’s first no-hassle ultra-deep meditation program!

It’s the key to a certain way…

…To suddenly experience amazing benefits sometimes only gained after YEARS of meditation.

Without Any of the Effort!

Some people (you might even know a few) will literally spend YEARS trying to perfect meditation.

But not you. Because you’ll know something they don’t.

Tip: You’d better keep your Meditation Program a secret once you begin using it.

Your ‘long-term meditation’ friends may get a little jealous at your instant calm and peace.

Meditation Program — stop, click here and listen.

’til next time,

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self-development niche

Could you believe in this miracle?

My friend Michael knew the belief secret.

There he was, back in 1986, out of work and with a young family to support.

He needed a good paying job and quickly.

One was advertised in the weekend newspaper.

“Here’s a job!” he said to his wife, “Medical Sales Representative specializing in gastroenterology.”

His wife’s reply came quickly…

“That’d be a miracle!

What do you know about medical sales?”

And she was right. Michael was a graduate of sociology and had only been employed as a low-paid social worker.

“I don’t know what I don’t know. But I do know this. I believe I will apply for this job – and we shall see.”

What do you think happened next?

Michael sent his application. Got through the interviews and won the job!

What’s more he enjoyed a long and successful career in the highly-rewarding medical and pharmaceutical industry – even reaching management.

That’s what a little BELIEF can do when coupled with a willingness to act.

You only need a little belief to achieve a lot. Ask Michael!

I’ve got something more to tell you about that belief secret

Something that relates only to you. Want to know what it is?

By clicking here you can access the full story — [Product name]

This could change your future!

’til next time,

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self-development niche

Albert Einstein lives on!

What a headline!

Can you imagine it?

‘Albert Einstein, the 20th century genius, lives on– in YOU!”

If it were true it would grab the attention of many seekers.

Seekers of what?

The [Product name] – the mind of an Einstein, a Leonardo Da Vinci or even a Steve Jobs.

What would it mean if YOU had the mind of a Genius?

What things might you set out to build, invent or achieve?

* build a new business?
* invent a new online app?
* achieve your life-long dream

Well… guess what? You can.

Because you already have a [Product name].

You only need to know how to activate it!

All those things you dream about building, inventing and achieving…

You can make them happen. THEY ARE POSSIBLE.

I want to show you how to release your inner genius.

You only need a little help…

And help begins with the press of a button!

“Now way!”

Oh, yes way… believe it.

It’s time you discovered the secrets of the [Product name] program.

Press ‘the button’ and release your inner Einstein!

All details are at the special information web page

Get ready for an amazing discovery by clicking here now.

’til next time,

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