Letters to Readers

When Habits Become Handcuffs

"hmm - food for thought"

Dear Reader,

A chirpy song from the early 1980’s bounced back to mind when I sat at my desk to write this letter about busting bad habits.

Were you around in 1981 (t-h-a-t long ago?!) when Australian jazz, pop and rock singer Billy Field released his hit song Bad Habits?’

A bouncy tune that begins with the words…

“Can’t help myself, bad habits — well, I’m running wild, lost control”

While the song is catchy and easy on the ear there is nothing easy about living with a bad habit – and nothing worse than feeling like you’ve lost control.

To the point — some habits become addictions complete with ‘handcuffs.’

Leave you feeling chained and without freedom. No fun in that.

Handcuffs is a good metaphor for the binding restrictions some habits can place on your freedom to live a healthy, happy and full life.

By the way — how can you tell if you (or someone you know) has a bad habit?

I like the answer some members of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) use …

“If it’s costing more than money – it’s a bad habit”

If you feel ‘handcuffed’ by a habit that’s costing you more than money (health, relationships, spirituality, career or even how you’ve come to view your self-worth) then know this …

… It doesn’t need to stay that way.

There is ALWAYS a way to change it. You can if you will.

Twelve Step programs (like AA) are one of many options.

Most ’12 steppers’ discover a Higher Power as their ultimate source of help.

To me–‘Higher Power’ is God.

Food for thought?

It could be the key you (or somebody you know) needs to unlock those habit-handcuffs for good.

Blessings to you today …

Mike Searles

P.S. here’s one source of inspiration that works for me to stay free of bad habits kcm.org


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